Leonard (Lenny) Ransil

My wife Elaine and I live in Erie, Pennsylvania. We have four wonderful grown children and ten terrific grandchildren. I graduated from a Catholic prep high school in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and then attended a Catholic seminary for three years.  After earning a B.S. in Ed.-English at Duquesne University and getting married, I returned to teach English at my old high school.

Elaine and I then moved to Alexandria, Virginia where I earned a Montessori Elementary Diploma from WMI in Washington D.C. After teaching in Fairfax, VA, I became the principal and teacher at Richmond Montessori School in Virginia. In 1973, we moved to Erie where I taught at Word of God Academy and later earned a M. Ed. at Gannon University in 1980.

At Duquesne University, classes such as Existential Phenomonology and Eastern Religion lured me into New Age thought and practice and later into Humanism. But in 1972, I was captivated by the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ, was saved at the age of 29 and a year later was called to serve the Lord at Word of God Academy in Erie. 

Father God now uses my earlier "detours" to not only galvanize my trust and dependence on Him but also to understand and explain false belief systems as a former insider. Additionally, I can now testify to the truth and present day reality of God's New Covenant promises in Christ that are offered to every believer. My second book, Every Christian's  Testimony, integrates and personalizes over 600 scriptures that focus on this theme.

Proverbs 3:5-6 and Philippians 4:6-7 are my life verses.  Using guitar and saxophone, I have served as worship leader for over thirty five years in various church and small group venues such as Light of the World Community and Grace Fellowship Church. I present workshops and seminars on Worldviews, the Bible and Creationism. My Montessori training introduced me to the invaluable skill of Big Picture thinking, which I  explained in my first book, Pathways.  I wrote it in 1992 at the request of homeschool parents who wanted to teach their children to learn to think this way. I greatly enjoy passing on this approach to others, especially regarding our new identity in Christ,through workshops, books, songs and web articles.

Elaine and I also enjoy visiting our kids and grandchildren who are scattered from Maryland to Illinois; remodeling; reading; composing and recording worship songs; writing; sports; gardening and politics. 

Through this website, I offer to the interested reader some of the insights I have gained through my varied experience over 50+ years of learning and teaching.  I welcome constructive comments and input - especially from those who disagree with my Worldview - at lennyr@totaltruth.org.


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