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Section 3: Worldview Choices Reap Consequences
Chapter 22     Three Secular Reasons for Promoting a Christian Worldview

Reason #1:
Secularism Leads to Tyranny
Portions of this chapter are based on the book Three Secular Reasons-Why America Should be Under God by William J. Federer. 

A previous chapter, " Hidden Worldviews," argued from logic why teaching the Christian Worldview in public schools is best both for students and for America. Of course, Secular Humanists (and especially the ACLU) would argue against that position, demanding "separation of church and state."  Their hidden agenda is to replace America's Christian Worldview with the Materialist Worldview.  Their strategy of deception is to rewrite history by brainwashing unsuspecting Americans into believing that our Founders forged a secular document, our Constitution, to establish a secular state since there are no specific references to a Christian Worldview set forth there.

Accordingly, they are determined to secularize every level of civil government with the mantra, "In a pluralistic society, the government should be neutral".  They accuse Christians of pushing their religion and morality on everyone else, which, they claim, is unfair and intolerant.  They insist that our founders were Deists (not Christians) who framed a secular-based government to build a values-neutral nation.  This opinion, of course, ignores the volumes of the Founders' original writings and actions in public office.  In 1892, the Supreme Court, in a well-documented and researched case, unequivocally declared that "America is a Christian nation."1

For the sake of objectively considering the Supreme Court's position, consider this question: "Would there be any significant differences to American values, freedoms and life-style if Secularists succeeded in bewitching America into a secular-based state?”  To reveal the counter-productive results of the Secularist agenda, all one needs to do is pose the following three simple questions to Mr. Secularist when he condemns true Christianity as the enemy of freedom and America.2

The "Right" Source

Question #1: Do you like having rights the government can't take away?

The only sane answer for Americans in general and Secularists in particular is, "Yes, of course." After all, most Secularists define freedom as the right to do anything one wants to do (rather than what one ought to do).  Well then, Mr, Secularist, if you want to keep those rights, they have to come to you from a power higher than the government.  In writing our Declaration of Independence, the Founders recognized this essential belief, that "All men are created equal with certain unalienable (intrinsic) rights and among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

According to them, the purpose of government was not to create or abolish rights but to protect and defend the rights that God gave to all men.  If one's personal rights come from God then no man or state has the legitimate authority to usurp those rights.  That is why our Founders could lawfully denounce the English king's abuse of his God-given authority and place themselves (and later, America) directly under God's protection and, therefore, authority, as stated in our Declaration of Independence.  And they were so passionate about their Christian Worldview that, when King George of England repeatedly violated their God-given rights, they risked everything to defend them.

If all rights came from the king instead of from God, the colonists had no legal or moral right to rebel so we should all return to British rule.  Fortunately for all of us, it was by practicing Protestant Christianity, firmly based on the biblical principle of true freedom, that our Founders torpedoed the Divine Right of Kings in favor of freedom and justice for all.  Similarly today, if Hitler-like tyrannical madness threatens to end our God-based rights, the federal government has the Constitutional duty to do whatever is necessary to defend them.

If our Founders were Secularists, why would they attribute rights from God rather than from man as ACLU lawyers do today?  And if this view is unique to our Founders and now outdated, why would John F. Kennedy have declared, "The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God," during his Inaugural Address in 1961?  Conversely, wherever God is not acknowledged, people and their rights exist only at the generosity of the state and those in power who manipulate those rights to stay in power.

Secularism Leads to Tyranny  

Without God, the state becomes man's master instead of his servant.  Government becomes god and determines what rights it arbitrarily extends to whom - if, how and when.  And whatever the government grants it can just as easily take away. Former President Gerald Ford put it this way: "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."3  That is why government mandated socialism is so ephemeral and risky.  Many people today involuntarily live under socialism or have voluntarily relinquished their freedoms to a socialistic government that promises security in this life.  Proof lies no farther away than Cuba with Canada and Mexico not far behind.

It is man's prideful heart that makes him think he has the right to arbitrarily control others rather than serve them as God directs.  History repeatedly demonstrates that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Conclusion: Mr. Secularist, if you want your government to protect and defend rights for you and your progeny, uphold "One nation under God" so that liberty and justice can endure for all.  Embrace secularism and tyranny will inevitably follow.  It is not a good prospect for children or adults--here or anywhere.

Question #2: Do you like being equal to everybody else?  If so, Mr. Secularist, be grateful to the God of our Founders whose revelation enabled them to boldly declare "that all men are created equal."  Before the Darwinian deception began in 1859,(3) our Fathers accepted God's claim that He created all things and placed mankind as the pinnacle of His creation.  Properly believed and applied, Christianity alone has championed the equality of mankind-male and female.  Virtually all the so-called great civilizations ranked human worth according to appearance, strength, talent, performance, status, gender, productivity or some other extrinsic value. 

However, only man's Creator can accurately evaluate man's worth.  Only the Giver of Life has the wisdom and authority to declare the intrinsic value of human life.  The worth of anything is most often determined by what someone is willing to pay for it.  Christianity insists that God paid the price of His own Son's Divine Blood for all the members of mankind who ever existed or will exist-including you, Mr. Secularist.  You already enjoy a taste of the worth and freedom His sacrifice purchased for mankind as embodied in America's unique charter, the Declaration of Independence that is the higher document form which our Constitution flows. 

Did Buddha or Confucius give their believers intrinsic worth and freedom?  Those enslaved in China's and India's caste system cry "No."  Their gods rule them by fear not love. Did Allah give equality and freedom to all Muslims?  All females, (not to mention infidels, who are under the boot of Islam, cry "No." Did the Pharaohs, kings and dictators of history set their captives free? The blood of countless millions cry "No."  They enslaved them and even killed their own people. Were the tribes of Africa or North and South America as noble as the romanticists portray?  With unmentionable brutality, they enslaved and even ate their enemies - far from promoting equality and freedom to all men. Mankind's history if laced with atrocities starting with what Cain did to Abel.

Reason #2: Secularism Leads to Inequality

History also attests that not until Jesus came to earth did the members of the human race begin to experience the heart change necessary to see others as God does-intrinsically equal in His holy sight.  Only the Christian Worldview offers the promise of equality for all people everywhere.  As Harry S. Truman reiterated in his 1949 Inaugural address: "We believe that all men are created equal because they are made in the image of God."  If there is no God then who decides who is equal? Secularists like Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot have already answered that vital question: based on Evolution's cruel dictum of "the survival of the fittest," they, and other power-hungry scoundrels like them, do.

Charles Darwin, whose speculations justified this madness, once stated that there are inferior species of the human race in Africa and aboriginal Australia.  This racist lie is the reason there are now up to 10,000 aboriginal skulls in the British Museum.4

The title of Darwin's first book (changed after early publications) was On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.  In turn, Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood fame used the terms "misfits" and "defectives" to describe those she saw as inferior.  She often derogatorily equated human life to a garden: "Such human weeds clog up the path, drain up the energies and the resources of this little earth. We must clear the way for a better world; we must cultivate our garden.”5 Adolph Hitler built his views of ethics on Darwinian principles which led to his vision of a "master race."  Through his Operation T4, he systematically eliminated over 70,000 "useless eaters", handicapped and mentally ill children and adults.6

Sub-question: Who gets to decide who should be eliminated and why?  Hitler arbitrarily decided that in addition to the "useless eaters", Blacks and Jews were at the bottom of the worth ladder and could be justifiably exterminated.  If there is no God, and Hitler is an elected ruler over a sovereign nation, Darwin would agree that such atrocities are justified according to his diabolical Doctrine of Evolution.  Likewise, Stalin decided that the Ukrainians were inferior so he eliminated 25 million of them!  Worldviews have consequences.

Question #3: Do you want to live in a country with many laws or few laws? The purpose of good laws is to maintain order and peace. The sheriff's duty in the Wild West was to bring law and order to a town.  If there is to be order in society with few external laws the populace must follow an internal law-a moral code.  This is the "ought" of responsibility that must co-exist with freedom if people are to remain free.  If that Biblical principal is rejected and replaced by a "do your own thing" ethic, anarchy results when individuals decide that they want another's job, property, spouse or life, etc.  After a taste of that, most people will tolerate, if not demand, martial law or even a dictator to restore some semblance of order so that they can function again. 

Far superior are people who willingly and internally submit to the rule of a loving God as did our Bible-informed Founding Fathers.  But, knowing the waywardness of the unconverted heart, our Founders were well aware that this holy experiment, a Constitutional Republic, even with its checks and balances, was not for everyone.  "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.", declared John Adams in 1798, many years after America began.7  We bear the high social and material cost of jails for those who demonstrate a lack of internal moral control. External controls are forced upon them for the good of society as a whole.  They become inmates generally because they do not keep the unspoken "ought" that true freedom requires of free people if they are to remain truly free.

Reason #3: Secularism Leads to Moral and Social Chaos

Now, thanks to Secularists who have forced us to remove the "ought" of the Ten Commandments from the school room walls, we must have police in the school hallways.  Now, thanks to Secularists who have forced legalized abortion on our nation, over 40 million innocent Americans have been slaughtered.  Now, thanks to Secularists who have trumpeted "free love" and persuaded many women to redefine equality to mean "identical," we have a 50+% divorce rate, and an epidemic of single parent homes and unwed mothers.  Now, thanks to the Secularist mantra that "you are free to do your own thing", countless numbers of adults and children have reaped the whirlwind of economic bondage and social heartbreak. Now, thanks to Secularists who are redefining tolerance to mean forcing everyone to conform to what they define as politically correct according to their whim of the moment, all manner of immoral language and behavior is being declared legal, polluting our airways and corrupting our youth. 

In their anger against God, it is possible that, one day, Secularists will outlaw Christianity in America, the very Worldview responsible for their freedom and for the tolerance to believe and to openly practice and promote what they believe.  If that should happen, God forbid, the last in the boat will have kicked out the spiritual descendents of the builders of the boat who had let them in to begin with-and it will sink under the waves of anarchy and then tyranny.  Is that what is best for America?

Our freedom is not free.  It costs the continual vigilance against those who would replace the most successful Worldview ever extended to man with a counterfeit devised by man.  If, Mr. Secularist, you actually do yearn for the ideal of true freedom for mankind rather than for a perverted lust for power and self-indugence, then forsake your fantasies and come to the only God capable of giving you what you most need and desire. Do what wise men and women have been doing for 2000+ years: Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then everything else you really need will be supplied.  No other Worldview rightly applied has produced better results.

In conclusion, Mr. Secularist, you can foolishly continue to work to remove all reference to God in American culture as Voltaire did in France.  In doing so, you run the risk of trusting your own and your children's future to the selfish dictates of like-minded atheists who orchestrated the bloody insanity of the French Revolution - in the name of freedom.   Or you could recognize the practical wisdom of our Christian forefathers who based human rights on the will of God, not the whim of man.  Ironically, you are enjoying the fruit of their Worldview choice that allows you to believe in yours, even though historically, yours has been repeatedly a colossal failure.  Conversely, many Orthodox Jews in America, whose ancestors have been slaughtered by numerous, God-hating dictators, recognize it is precisely because of America's Christian roots that they enjoy the only safe haven for them in the world.  Is it logical to continue to cut off your nose to spite your face?

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