Online BOOK    The TOTAL TRUTH Solution for a Fractured America
Big Picture Answers for America's Big Problems -
Rebuilding on America's Original Worldview

by Leonard Ransil
Table of Contents
 A Word About Overviews
 Section 1: Biblical Christianity
  Chapter 1 Beginnings
  Chapter 2 Terror Rules
  Chapter 3 The Finished Work
  Chapter 4 A New Battle
  Chapter 5 So, Just Who Are You Anyway?
 Section 2: Christianity vs. Rival Worldviews
  Chapter 6 Discovering Your Worldview
  Chapter 7 Worldviews in Conflict
  Chapter 8 Christianity vs. Secularistic Materialism
  Chapter 9 Comparing Opposites: Christianity and Materialism
  Chapter 10 Materialism is Irrational
  Chapter 11 Evolution vs. Biblical and Scientific Creationism
  Chapter 12 Ever Increasing Evidence Against Evolution
  Chapter 13 Evidence for Scientific Creationism
  Chapter 14 The Rotten Fruit of Evolution
  Chapter 15 Bible Codes Evidence God
  Chapter 16 Bible Prophecies Evidence Christ
  Chapter 17 The Death of Atheism
  Chapter 18 Christianity vs. New Age
  Chapter 19 Comparing Opposites: Christianity and New Age
 Section 3: Worldview Choices Reap Consequences
  Chapter 20 Philosophy Masquerading as Science
  Chapter 21 Hidden Worldviews
  Chapter 22 Three Secular Reasons for Promoting a Christian Worldview
  Chapter 23 Secularist Strategies Unveiled
 Section 4: America Founded on a Christian Worldview
  Chapter 24 Our Foundation: Deist or Christian?
  Chapter 25 Thomas Jefferson's Beliefs
  Chapter 26 Our Founders' Perspective
  Chapter 27 American Education was Christian Based
  Chapter 28 Our Founding Documents
  Chapter 29 Separation of Church and State?
  Chapter 30 What Did the First Amendment Establish?
  Chapter 31 A Key Court Case in the Secularization of America
  Chapter 32 Rule of Law, Not Rule of Judiciary
  Chapter 33 Sanity Trumps Justice Black's Infamous Seven Decrees
 Conclusion: Saving a Besieged America with the Total Truth
   Appendix One Americanism vs. Modern Liberalism



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