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Section 2: Christianity vs. Rival Worldviews
Chapter 14     The Rotten Fruit of Evolution

Materialism's Manifesto

Darwin’s landmark The Origin of Species was heralded by Atheists in 1859 as a justification of their faith position that God was not needed to make a self-creating universe.  It is abundantly clear now that many pseudo scientists concocted and manipulated “evidence” to promote their materialistic worldview--the hoaxes of Piltdown Man, Java Man and Lucy to name a few.

Others have exploited the doctrine of Evolution to undermine belief in all deity-based religions, especially Christianity.  Social Darwinism has been used worldwide to help secularize virtually every academic discipline and social institution in varying degrees.  And just what social, political and cultural fruit has this fairy tale for adults produced since 1859?  After all, some hold that fairy tales, while untrue, can serve a noble purpose.

Bad Root, Bad Fruit

Well, for starters, how noble is racism?  America’s founders declared that “all men are created equal” because of their Christian worldview that God personally created mankind in His image and likeness.  Therefore, every human being, unborn to senile, is valued as immortal.  We even honor the physical remains of the dead with funerals and dedicated cemetery plots.  Consider how different was Hitler’s disposal of thousands of weak and infirm Germans, six million Jews and five million non-Jews. What motivated dictators like Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot to slaughter over one hundred million human beings, including many of their own citizens, in peacetime?

The rationale for this irrational behavior came from Darwin’s speculations in his book, The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.  The reason the full title is no longer included in reprints is obvious: it justifies racism!   Darwin’s doctrine of Evolution buttressed the atheistic worldview that man is a purposeless accident of nature, subject to "the law of the survival of the fittest" and therefore disposable by the will of those most powerful.

Playing God

Hitler was a hero to those who embraced the belief in the superiority of the Aryan race even though he himself was not Aryan.  This prejudice was rooted in the conviction that, in the evolutionary ladder of progression from ape to man, there were, necessarily, genetically inferior races on the lower rungs that should be exterminated to purify mankind’s gene pool in order to assist evolution’s inevitable advance to human perfection.  Hitler made an actual list of these “inferiors” that included blacks and Jews at the bottom.  In his madness, he went so far as to rewrite the Bible to accommodate his “scientific” worldview.  As the Daily Record reports:

“A bible featuring Adolf Hitler's version of the Ten Commandments has been discovered. The dictator ordered the book rewritten to remove all references to Jews. In the Nazi bible, found in a German church, the regime who stole, murdered and plundered their way across Europe scrapped the likes of Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal and Thou shalt not covet your neighbour's wife. And Hitler got his theorists to alter the Commandments - and add two more - in a bid to further the Aryan ideal for the book Germans With God.
New "Commandments" included Honour your Fuhrer and your master, Avoid all hypocrisy, and Keep the blood pure and your honour holy. The book, printed in 1941 and sent to thousands of churches, was meant to be essential reading in every home in Nazi Germany alongside Hitler's autobiography, Mein Kampf.

Hitler hated the church's teachings, believing they had no place in his vision of Germanic supermen ruling lesser races devoid of "outdated" concepts such as mercy and love. But he knew the power of the church in Germany and couldn't banish it overnight. Instead, his plan was to gradually "Nazify" the church, beginning with a theological centre he set up in 1939 to rewrite the Bible.”1

More Rotten Fruit of Evolution

As noted previously, belief in the doctrine of Evolution by evil men like Adolph Hitler has led to far worse consequences than the belief in Christianity by true Christians, despite what detractors say.  But does evolution, a doctrine that "makes God unnecessary" as Charles Darwin suggested, ever have dire consequences on a local level in modern America?  Absolutely!  How else can one explain the tragic change in the hearts and minds of today's school children since the innocuous 1950's when SAT scores (not students) were high, and throwing spit balls, chewing gum and passing notes were the main school infractions?   Contrast that with the rampant lawlessness of substance abuse, promiscuity and violence leading even to death that haunts many of today's youth and classrooms.

A major change in public schools occurred in 1959 when publishers began peppering textbooks with the doctrine of Evolution. The irrational justification by the secular "experts" of the day was that Sputnik (the first manned space ship) proved that the Soviet Union was scientifically superior to the United State precisely because it advocated the “truth” of godless evolution. Further, they insisted that their secular culture, which they inferred produced such remarkable scientific results, was "obviously" superior to our Christian-based one.  But in time, this utopian fantasy was exposed as a colossal lie. The collapse of the Soviet Union 25 years later proved just how morally and financially bankrupt their godless worldview had made them.

Ruining America

Unfortunately for America, the Sputnik success gave secular evolutionists in America the opening they needed to champion their atheistic worldview.  Secular-minded judges like Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black were positioned to rule in favor of ACLU law suits against school prayer, bible reading and the Ten Commandments - all a normal and expected part of public education for 150 years. They replaced this godly training with amoral "situation ethics" (which deny the existence of moral absolutes) in order to intentionally secularize succeeding generations.

This values revolution in state schools has created a permissive culture of parents allowing their offspring do whatever "feels good." If the godless doctrine of evolution is right then, logically, there is nothing absolutely wrong. So why not get all the gusto you can now if there is no existence beyond death and, therefore, no ultimate consequences to your choices or behavior? In fact, making merry--partying--is the only logical thing to do. No wonder so many of today's youth focus on a “play ethic” such as sports and video games rather than on an “obsolete work ethic”- their schooling. Yes, ideas do have consequences.

Follow The Evidence

There is much statistical and anecdotal evidence that documents evolution’s negative consequences effecting American culture. For example,  David Barton’s Wallbuilders website, systematically  documents the shocking evidence for the causes of public school decline with the attending tragic results that plague today's students. Much of the decline is now taken for granted by many because our nation has become slowly desensitized to the calamity of the last 45 years. In fact, the majority of Americans today were formed by that very culture so how could they know or expect anything different? A fish never questions the water it swims in.

Answers in Genesis provides much scientific evidence that refutes evolution and also documents its negative effects. For example, one little-publicized story posted there,Tragic Truth, gives some inside details about the tragedy at Columbine high school. On that horrible day, police chaplain Gino Geraci was called to the scene. Once voted "most likely to go to hell" in his own high school days, he was a former evolutionist who had lived a lawless life-style before his conversion. Pastor Geraci noted that one of the Columbine student killers wore a T-shirt with the words "Natural Selection". He discovered later on the killer's web site that he, too, was an avowed evolutionist. He revered Hitler and believed that if he shot or killed people, he would be simply scattering their molecules. In other words, in his mind, twisted by the doctrine of evolution, life is essentially meaningless and, therefore, worthless. That is a perfectly logical conclusion IF one believes in a secularistic worldview which says that humans are merely an "accident of nature" with no ultimate purpose. 

Which Worldview is Safer For You?

Contrast the fruit of this Secularistic worldview with the Bible’s revelation that God personally created Adam and Eve who are mankind’s ancestors.  Consequently, there is but one race, making everyone part of God’s handiwork and intrinsically worthwhile to Him who is full of mercy and love.  As is obvious, worldviews can have disastrous consequences when men reject the revelation of God’s creation and purpose for mankind and invent their own.  “A fool says in his heart ‘There is no God.’” Every evil known to man started with Adam’s rebellion which became the seedbed for all contrary worldviews and destructive consequences listed in Romans, Chapter 1.  It is irrational to reject so great a salvation offered to us by so great a loving God who reflected and proved His love in the person of Jesus Christ.  Can there be any question which worldview is safer for mankind?

Now, what about you? Who do you think you are - a meaningless blob or a person created in God’s image? Do you know how much God loves you and how wonderful His plan for you really is? As Gino Geraci discovered, only by knowing God personally through Jesus Christ, and all of the other wonderful truths He reveals in His holy Bible, will you find the peace, love, freedom and purpose you long for. Ask Him for what no philosophy or invention of man can provide--Himself. He is waiting for your invitation.

1 Ellis, Mark, "Thou Shalt Slaughter", The Daily Record, Glasgow, Scotland, August 8, 2006.

For additional information, visit: Holocaust Forgotten, Site publisher: Terese Pencak Schwartz, 2899 Agoura Rd., Suite 794, Thousand Oaks, California 91361

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