The TOTAL TRUTH Solution for a Fractured America
Big Picture Answers for America's Big Problems -
Rebuilding on America's Original Worldview

by Leonard Ransil

Section 3: Worldview Choices Reap Consequences
Chapter 21     Hidden Worldviews

All scripture quotations are from the New International Version unless otherwise noted.

So far, this book has focused on comparing and contrasting three out of eight major Worldviews because they are the three most prominent in America today.  As stated previously, it is axiomatic that every functioning human being operates out of a Worldview, consciously or not.  It is essential to realize that every government, organization, business and institution also reflects the Worldview of its founders which is then continued, reinterpreted or replaced by individuals running it at any given time.  As with brand names and sports teams, what a group stood for before does not necessarily mean it stands for now.  It mostly depends on the current leadership's Worldview.

It follows, then, that both private and public schools are based on a spoken or unspoken Worldview that is advanced or being replaced by people in power.  It is a monumental and prevailing lie that public schools can be, and therefore should be, Worldview-neutral. There is no such thing as "separation of Worldview and state." All significant human activity springs from a set of assumptions, a Worldview. Beliefs drive agendas; agendas drive policies; policies drive decisions; decisions drive actions; and actions have consequences that shape and mold impressionable children.  Since it is impossible for any school to be bias-free, it is imperative for Americans in general, and parents in particular, to know which bias is driving the leaders of our churches, government and schools.  Nothing less than the present and future spiritual and material welfare of all Americans is at stake.

As a follow up to the previous chapter on the condition of public education in America, this article presents a reasoned argument why one particular Worldview should be the basis of today's public schools, as it once was. But first, another less prominent but nonetheless influential Worldview begs mention because it is impacting Americans of all ages at an alarming rate.

Satanism - a Worldview

As previously stated in the Eight Major Worldviews chart, the Occult is defined as "The belief that Satan is to be honored, feared and obeyed as a god and lord."  Simply put, the Occult is the direct manifestation of the Kingdom of Darkness in the person of Satan and his demons, all of whom are described in the Bible as "fallen angels."  They are worshiped through degrading and sacrilegious rituals primarily aimed at blaspheming the person and redemptive work of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World.  Few people make the connection but the highest "Holy Day" of this underworld religion is Halloween.  Darkness and even death are celebrated by unsuspecting participants who are "just having some fun."   Americans spend more money on celebrating this holiday of horrors than on any other except Christmas. No doubt, Satan and his hordes are pleased.

Satan's Hook

Satan offers hidden knowledge and power to anyone foolish enough to pledge personal allegiance to him and his destructive ways.  Jesus revealed that "The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy…." (John 10:10). This is in direct opposition to His mission: to save mankind from Satan's enslavement and give His abundant life of true love, freedom and peace to those who believe in Him.  To those duped by Satan's lies, the enticements and seductions through his perversions of what is good become a steel trap for their spirit, soul and body.  

It can be easily observed that Satan ensnares his subjects who are seeking pleasure or control or security with controlling addictions, gross anti-social behavior, dysfunctional relationships and often early death.  A pattern of depression, suppression and obsession is the trademark of his cruel handiwork.  When allied with him (the anti-Christ) there is no choice left but eternal hellfire, a regretful conclusion to what could have been a life of endless bliss - what every heart desires and is born to have.  

Popular Deceptions

Satan invents and spreads deceptions like Atheism, based on the Doctrine of Evolution, in public schools to prevent or undermine a belief in and acceptance of the only God-sent Savior of the human race, Jesus Christ, who defeated him on Calvary. After all, if one becomes brainwashed into believing that all Creation came from nothing - by an accident! - rather than from God's handiwork, God becomes irrelevant.  What better means of revenge against God than for the Deceiver to use people and their institutions and systems to spread and inculcate a host of false Worldviews to combat God's truth and freedom for mankind?  And often at taxpayer's expense to boot!

Which Worldview Works?

So, based on pure, pragmatic logic, which one of the four Worldviews most prominent in American culture today should all school authorities teach impressionable students, if they truly have their best interest at heart?  Based on all of the facts that these four competing and contradictory Worldviews declare to be true, one point of comparison is of primary importance: according to each doctrine, what existence awaits each person after death? 

Atheism irrationally insists that there is no supernatural realm and, therefore, no existence after death.  Consequently, there is no choice to be made.  So if this Worldview is true, everyone's end is pre-determined: non-existence.

The New Age Worldview states that sooner or later everyone will become part of the non-personal, universal, eternal "It."  Again, if this Worldview is true, everyone's end is predetermined: in this case, "it-ness."

Satanism declares that Satan is the ultimate power and that there is no other choice but existence under his rule.  He is "god" and there is no other.  So, if this Worldview is true, Satan's dominion over everyone is inevitable.

Choice Offered

In stark contrast, the Bible paints a clear, unequivocal picture of two - and only two - diametrically opposed Kingdoms and, further, that every person is necessarily in one or the other.  There is no neutral ground upon which to stand independently while deciding.  According to Jesus "He who is not with me is against me..." (Luke 11:23). Scarier still is His revelation that everyone starts off under Satan's authority and power.

But, thankfully, individuals can respond to God's gracious offer to be rescued through the mercy of Jesus Christ's atoning sacrifice on mankind's behalf.  Because of what Jesus accomplished for everyone, each person can now choose to be personally reconciled to a loving Father and partake of His divine life as His beloved child - provided he knows how to do so.  The bottom line: the quality of each person's existence after death directly depends upon his personal choice between two opposing Kingdoms before death.  By default, hell; by informed choice enabled by accepting and exercising God's free grace of saving faith, heaven.

And, obviously, if the Christian Worldview is true, Satan would do all he could to prevent the Good News from reaching mankind.  Therein lies the war of the ages - behind the scenes, two Kingdoms are fighting over each person's allegiance and future.  So, again, according to the Christian Worldview, each person's fate is not pre-determined but squarely lies on 1) his awareness that there are two opposing options and then 2) his choice to accept or reject God's loving offer, based on agreeing, believing and receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord because it is the only true Worldview, the Total Truth.

America's First Worldview

For over 300 years, our homes and schools made the choice between two contrasting futures uncompromisingly clear.  Indeed, the Bible was the primary textbook in the early decades of formal education throughout America, including all colleges.  The common view that a battle was raging between two Kingdoms over mankind influenced virtually every facet of American life.  Contrary to the propaganda espoused by today's Secularists, virtually all of our Founding Fathers embraced the Christian Worldview. They openly declared, using Covenant terms, their dependence on God's wisdom and protection and forged the "Divine Experiment", known as America, on Christian principles.

Test the Fruit

Whenever and wherever Christians have lived the love and life of Jesus Christ, there has been the most positive and productive influence for good that the world has ever known.  Compare this fruit with countries founded on Atheism (communist Russia and China), on New Age-style thinking (India) and on Satanism (Haiti) and the differences are unquestionably superior to honest observers.  And, as long as the public school system in America supported the Christian Worldview in word and deed,  students were routinely doing homework, not drugs; drinking milk shakes, not booze; chewing gum, not tobacco; shooting spitballs, not bullets.  Boys were taught to honor girls, not violate them. Students were taught to respect human life, not abort it.

The 1960's confused love with lust, freedom with license, and joy with fun and amusement.  True love, freedom and joy are possible only when they spring from a God-changed heart rather than a religious or political system of man's invention.  If history proves anything, it is that no man can fix any man's fundamentally corrupt heart, including his own. 

Given all this, a very relevant question MUST regularly be asked: Which of these competing Worldviews deserves to be promoted in all schools for each student's current and ultimate welfare?  If you say anything but the Christian Worldview you have not been paying attention to the facts of history.  Even if one of the other three were true, nothing could be done to affect one's existence after death.  And their collective fruit this side of death has been provably rotten!

Student Rights!

Only Christianity offers each person the hope of a glorious alternative to eternal misery - provided one is willing to believe in the God of the Bible and to accept His gracious offer of full salvation.  Doesn't every student have a need and a right to be schooled in that Good News, just in case it is true?  After all, it is the only one that depends on one's personal choice. And wouldn't all of America (not to mention the whole world) be far better off in the short and long run if all knew and believed in the person and power of Jesus Christ?

And even, in the end, if Christianity proved to be the wrong Worldview, what better behavior code to benefit mankind is there than the one which Jesus Christ taught and lived?  What sane person could object to His Beatutudes and sacrificial love? Overall, history demonstrates that, when properly applied, it has produced a far higher quality of life for all participants than any other Worldview, hands down. Either way, mankind wins. 

So why are Secularists feverishly working to replace America's Christian heritage and why are they doomed to failure even if they succeed? Those are worthy questions that this series will continue to address. But an even more pressing question for you is, "What Worldview should YOU believe?"

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