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Section 4: America Founded on a Christian Worldview
Chapter 29     Separation of Church and State?

In the current Culture War, Secularists like the ACLU attempt to use our federal court system to make laws that will deny the basic right of religious expression of Americans. This tactic, when successful, violates the U.S. Constitution which specifically forbids federal judges from making laws. Rather, our Constitution delegates Congress, and only Congress, as the federal lawmaker.  Furthermore, the First Amendment specifically forbids Congress from making any law establishing any federal religion or prohibiting public religious expression. How is it then, that Secularists and activist judges can routinely disregard these specific mandates of our hallowed Constitution?

Alliance for Life Ministries
answers this crucial question in a concise article, "Separation of Church and State". The author explores the history behind the problematic phrase and effectively explains the subterfuge. Secularists promote their agenda at our expense religiously, politically and financially. They have prostituted this now famous phrase to conceive a colossal myth and to then use that myth to destroy our God-given right to public religious expression, the very ideal for which the Pilgrims, Puritans and Patriots sacrificed and died in order to plant and preserve.

The next chapter will provide ample anecdotal proof that our Founders (including even Thomas Jefferson, who authored the expression "separation of church and state") would consider the Secularist’s interpretation preposterous and dangerous.

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